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24 de enero de 2012

Navigating through space is effortless with 3DAstronomer

Navigating through space is effortless with 3DAstronomer.  Zooming from earth to Neptune is as simple as striking a few keys on the keyboard.  Best of all, there is no intense training, no worries about shuttle malfunction, and no dry space-food.  3DAstronomer is truly the safest and simplest way to explore the universe!


Navigation throughout the galaxy is entirely controlled by your mouse and keyboard.  Plotting a course between the moon and Mars is easy with the point-and-go-to interface.  The entire navigation between stars and planets is controlled by you, quickly and easily with your mouse and keyboard, from changing the point of view to shifting course to a particular star or planet.


Best of all, you can get to the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond in minutes time.  Remember, the Voyager Satellite just passed Pluto about a year ago, and it launched from earth in 1977…


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